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Powerful Visual Products

We will be transforming our analysis of individual ballads into a powerful visual product.  Our goal is to engage our audience by creating a vivid dominant impression.
Students are making careful choices about: images fontscolourdictionlayout (planning through thumbnails to create balance)When making these choices students are considering: Where do I want my audience to look first?What will keep them looking?Are there enough story clues to really keep them thinking?What items on the poster work together to give a strong feeling? Posters will be due: Monday December 15.   Ballad Quiz on Thursday December 18 for 9EFG.  

Study Guide in Google Classroom.

Flip Book Schedule

All Grade 9's are currently working through a careful, detailed analysis of a folk ballad of their choosing.  If students have lost their flip books they can go toGoogle Classroom to see images and details for Ballad Analysis Poster Project.
Flip Books will be due on Monday or Tuesday next week.  Students who do not complete the activity assigned in class will be expected to finish it for homework.
See the rubric below for assessment: