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Grade 9: "Ghostbusters": You be the Judge

"Ghostbusters": You Be the Judge Goals: I identify features that define a comedy. (2.2.14) I evaluate the effectiveness of the film by considering the believability of plot and setting, the credibility of characters, and the development and resolution of conflict. (2.3.4) I use effective speaking skills. (4.3.3) I use effective visuals and display techniques to engage my audience, improve accuracy of content and persuade my audience of my judgement of the film’s effectiveness.  (4.3.3)
Students watched "Ghostbusters" and are now evaluating the effectivness of the film with a partner. They are building a presentation to share with the class. See the criteria below:
Criteria for Evaluating Effectiveness of Film:
Content Scene Analysis of own funny film Explain exaggeration in a clip with specific explanations from the text. Explain the serious observation from the same film (second clip) Clips are appropriate for school
Believability of setting and plot Explain events that…

Grade 8: Halloween Film Comparison

Halloween Film Comparison
We discussed similarities today in pairs to help us build our presentations.  See our Criteria below:
Halloween Film ComparisonCriteria I compare two similar short films by considering the characters, plot, conflicts and main ideas 2.2.9 I organize my ideas and information creatively, as well as logically, to develop a comparison between two films 3.3.1 I integrate appropriate visuals and text to inform and engage the audience 3.4.2 Items to include: Please notice this in my work… Criteria for Comparing Films: Content Include similarities and differences for 4 characters (traits, roles, motivations) Include 2 or 3 main similarities and differences in plot (setting, atmosphere, events) Include 2 or 3 main similarities and differences in conflict