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Gr. 8 The Outsider in Me

The Outsider in MeFocus Questions:  What can we learn about ourselves by closely examining characters in different texts?  How are characters developed?  How can I selectively choose evidence to prove a character's personality?

Students are on a journey to understand themselves better through scrutinizing characters!  

We watched a YouTube video to help us think about what it means to be an outsider:
What It’s Like To Be An Outsider

We completed a free write:  Describe a time when you felt like an outsider.  See Mrs. Anderson's writing below.
Next, we read the short story "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" by Evan Hunter.  Students highlighted 3 big events from the beginning, middle and end.  
They also circled any items that contributed to Andy's Outsider status.
We reviewed Plot Diagram using the Pixar Short Film, "Boundin'".  Students defined plot diagram items and used precise evidence from the story to support their choices.
With a partner we provided feedback…

Gr. 9 Film Techniques in "UP"

What meaning can we gain from film Techniques?Student Targets were shared for our Up film study.  Click on the link to access "UP Student Targets"
Students watched "UP" this week.  During their viewing we identified memorable scenes and recorded ideas using the organizer below:

To demonstrate what we already know about film techniques grade 9's used Lucidpress, Canva or a Google Slide to create a bumper sticker.  Monday we will complete a gallery walk of our work then fill in any gaps in our understanding.
Student's named the scene, stated the dominant feeling and listed one or two techniques used in the scene that contributed to the feeling.

On Monday LA classes will go through a Google Slide show to better understand the following techniques: FramingProxemics & LightingFilm ShotsEditingAnglesStudents can preview this slide show by clicking on the following Link:  "Film Techniques: What meaning can we gain from film techniques?"

Students will choos…