Friday, 31 October 2014

Plot Diagram Review

Today Grade 9's reviewed plot diagram with "The Raven," by Edgar Allen Poe.

Students read and listened to a recording of the text, narrated by James Earl Jones.

Then they watched The Simpsons adaptation of "The Raven"

Finally, they worked with a partner to complete the plot diagram below using a graphic novel version of "The Raven".

9F finished their Why Graduate Zines today!  They are due Tuesday November 4.  

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Examining Highwayman Plot, Conflict, Theme

After completing a close read of "The Highwayman," by Alfred Noyes, students completed SSAS (short story analysis sheet) found in their Highwayman Activities Booklet. (Available in Google Classroom)

We also made a Flip Book for the analysis of Josh Ritter's "Folk Bloodbath".

Grade 9's recorded a plot diagram on the first page of the flip book.  See image below. (open white page)

If students were absent, here is an example of the flip book they will make:

Students will be working in class on understanding each of the elements below:
  1. Plot / Conflict / Theme
  2. Context (background)
  3. Figurative Language
  4. Diction
  5. Dominant Impression
9ACEG - SSAS due tomorrow and draw and label your plot diagram in your flip book.  : )

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Close Reading of "The Highwayman"

Grade 9's worked on their clarifying skills today.  After watching the "Highwayman" video, students read the poem and highlighted items they were having difficulty understanding.

We discussed the text together, visualizing events and using context clues to clear up any confusion about the text.

The final step in this close reading strategy was to record gists, or brief summaries, next to each stanza in the poem. Here are students' gists for each stanza.

Then students completed the Short Story Analysis Sheet in the student activity handout. (Copies available in Google Classroom

This strategy has been modified from  a Vemio video.  See below:

9F has one more block on Friday October 31 to finish their zines.  They are due Monday Nov 3!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Behind the Ballad - Introduction

What is a ballad? What was the purpose of a ballad in history and how has that purpose changed?

9ACEG are currently beginning a study of folk ballads to review story elements and to discover where music fits into our lives.

We began by listening to "Folk Bloodbath,"  by Josh Ritter  and answered the question: How is this song different from those you typically listen to?

After much discussion, students observed that it tells a story...  We reviewed plot diagram, conflict and theme.

We then shifted to a ballad from the past, a classic, "The Highwayman," written in 1920 by Alfred Noyes.  We used this image to discuss what a highwayman was.


Today we'll be examining a representation of this ballad and examining it for it's setting, music, colour palettes, symbolism and plot. 


We'll compare this video with one which has a narrator to understand the poem better.


Students were given an activity booklet for this unit and it can be found in Google Classroom.

We will also be doing a close read of this text and examining its plot completing the organizer below (found in activity booklet).

9F Continues to work on their zines.  They are using their Got it? Get it! checklists to keep themselves on track.  9F Zines are due November 3!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hand in Zines Today!

Celebrate your work completion.  There are some excellent zines being produced from the grade 9's.  Zines, Artist's Statements and Process documents will be marked and reported in Power School by Monday Nov 3!

9ACEG are self evaluating their zines and artist's statements today using the form below:

Students also need to include their documents that aided in the process of completing this zine.  They are:
  • Planning page - /5 detailed
  • Got it? Get it!  - / 2 comments
  • TAGs / 3 completed by peers / family
These documents are out of 10 marks for correct completion.

Students who did not meet this deadline are expected to stay in at lunch until it is done!

9F completed a lesson on giving specific meaningful feedback by watching "Austin's Butterfly".  We discovered the attitudes necessary to make this feedback process successful.

Students used TAG to give feedback to their peers.  By the end of class students had 3 different TAGs completed for one page of their zine.  This feedback will help them improve their work and provide a structure for future advice.

9F Zines are due Monday November 3!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Artists' Statements

Grade 9's will be working through a process of creating their own artist's statements for their zines.  We will examine some actual artists statements and explore how they are composed.  

Some of our observations were:

After practicing together writing a statement for Mrs. Anderson's Why Graduate project zine, students will write their own statements.

An example imitating "Backlit Memories" Artists Statement is:

Anderson’s zine focuses on the process for discovering why it is vital to graduate high school.  She explains strategies students can use to identify their own powerful ideas about the topic.

Why Graduate utilizes layers to deepen the audience’s understanding for each page.  For example, she used seeds as a background on pages where students were to allow new ideas about graduating to grow. 

“I love the power of zines; the idea of empowering others to have a voice is important to me.  The key to a fantastic zine is grabbing attention with imaginative symbols and materials.  I chose a scrapbook style to bring this project to life.  An imaginative symbol found in my work is a thumb print representing both personal style and the unique ideas every zine offers to its audience.”

Use this structure to write your own:

Remember Grade 9's Artists' Statements, Zines and all process documents (Planner, Got it? Get it!, TAG) are due Monday October 27!!

Basic Marks Breakdown:

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Self - Evaluate Zine

9ACEG students will self- evaluate their zines and artist's statements soon.  

Zines and Artist's Statements are DUE: MONDAY October 27!

Students will use the rubrics below (in Google Classroom) to closely examine their work:

A marks in PowerSchool will be:

9F Began constructing their zines today. : )

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Zine Reminders

Students are nearing completion of their zines.  Zines are due Monday October 27!

We will be writing our artist's statements on Friday this week.  More to come on this process on Friday.

Students are reminded to continue to use their TAGs and the Got it? Get it! and Planning pages to ensure they are on track.

A copy of the Rubric, which is in line with the Got it? Get it! sheet, is available in Google Classroom.  Students will use this document to self evaluate.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Specific Meaningful Feedback 2

Today 9AG&C Watched "Austin's Butterfly" to record attitudes that students must have to ensure success during the feedback process.

We used a TAG and criteria from our "Got it? Get it!" checklists to provide specific meaningful feedback to our peers for one page of our zine.  (found in Google Classroom)

We discussed the importance of this zine project and we understand the breakdown of marks.
  • Information /20
  • Symbolism /20
  • Effort and Artistry /20
  • Artists Statement /10 
  • Process Documents (Planner, Got it? Get it!, TAGs) /10
Total /80 Marks

Zines are Due October 27!  For 9ACEG.

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