Monday, 27 October 2014

Hand in Zines Today!

Celebrate your work completion.  There are some excellent zines being produced from the grade 9's.  Zines, Artist's Statements and Process documents will be marked and reported in Power School by Monday Nov 3!

9ACEG are self evaluating their zines and artist's statements today using the form below:

Students also need to include their documents that aided in the process of completing this zine.  They are:
  • Planning page - /5 detailed
  • Got it? Get it!  - / 2 comments
  • TAGs / 3 completed by peers / family
These documents are out of 10 marks for correct completion.

Students who did not meet this deadline are expected to stay in at lunch until it is done!

9F completed a lesson on giving specific meaningful feedback by watching "Austin's Butterfly".  We discovered the attitudes necessary to make this feedback process successful.

Students used TAG to give feedback to their peers.  By the end of class students had 3 different TAGs completed for one page of their zine.  This feedback will help them improve their work and provide a structure for future advice.

9F Zines are due Monday November 3!

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