Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Behind the Ballad - Introduction

What is a ballad? What was the purpose of a ballad in history and how has that purpose changed?

9ACEG are currently beginning a study of folk ballads to review story elements and to discover where music fits into our lives.

We began by listening to "Folk Bloodbath,"  by Josh Ritter  and answered the question: How is this song different from those you typically listen to?

After much discussion, students observed that it tells a story...  We reviewed plot diagram, conflict and theme.

We then shifted to a ballad from the past, a classic, "The Highwayman," written in 1920 by Alfred Noyes.  We used this image to discuss what a highwayman was.


Today we'll be examining a representation of this ballad and examining it for it's setting, music, colour palettes, symbolism and plot. 


We'll compare this video with one which has a narrator to understand the poem better.


Students were given an activity booklet for this unit and it can be found in Google Classroom.

We will also be doing a close read of this text and examining its plot completing the organizer below (found in activity booklet).

9F Continues to work on their zines.  They are using their Got it? Get it! checklists to keep themselves on track.  9F Zines are due November 3!

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