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Grade 9 Lost and Found

Lost and FoundFocus Questions: What is a timeless theme?  How can I express a preference for one text over another based on the same theme?  What can I create to express my understanding and personal connections to the theme of a text?
Students discussed theme parties to understand what a thematic concept is.  We watched a YouTube video: "How to Find a Theme," by D4Darious to help us better understand theme.See some of our ideas below (excuse the misspellings)
We listened to "Amazing Grace" and discussed how the song fits into the lost and found theme.We also listened to "Home" by Phillip PhillipsStudents recognize that both songs have a character vs. self conflict.We practiced making inferences and making personal connections to text.Students annotated "Home" with the class and then annotated "Fight Song," by Katie Herzig on their own.
See a copy of our ideas:
We know we can lose ourselves at times in life... death, divorce, depression. T…