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Gr. 9 Behind the Ballad

Gr. 9 Behind the BalladFocus Q's: What are the elements that make up a ballad?  How do these literary elements work together to create a dominant impression?  How can I represent a ballad's dominant impression in a movie poster? 
DEFINITION:  A ballad is a narrativepoem that uses rhyme and rhythm to improve it's appeal to the audience.  

PURPOSE:In the past ballads were used to pass on a family's oral history.  Today ballads are primarily used to entertain.  
Grade 9's have been analyzing a series of ballads.   "The Highwayman," by Alfred Noyes"Folk Bloodbath" by Josh RitterStudent selected ballad.
We have been identifying and explaining the following literary elements:
Plot diagramConflictThemeFigurative LanguageDictionWe have been discussing how dominant impression is created:  through the interrelationship of plot, setting and characterby diction, symbols and figurative language "The Highwayman" Resources:"The Highwayman" text Youtu…

Gr. 8 "The Outsiders"

"The Outsiders"Focus Question: How does background influence who we are?
Students researched the setting and time period for the novel, "The Outsiders" by choosing a topic and asking questions.  See our findings below:

Next, we read chapter 1 and examined each character in the chapter.  See our quick reference sheets below:

We are currently reading the novel and recording our ideas in our Character Analysis Flip books.
Chapter 2 we focused on Social Structures:  We drew and explained symbols for each group: Soc's, Greasers, and HoodsWe completed a Venn diagram comparing the Soc's to Greasers

Chapter 3 - 6 We have been using a sticky note strategy to identify WATO (Words, Actions, Thoughts and Opinions of Others) that shows our character's personality
We have also discussed how to identify flashback and why they are used: Helps us understand Johnny's background We talked about how suspense is built through description in chapter 4 -5:  We used a draw, label, …