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Gr. 9 Behind the Ballad

Gr. 9 Behind the Ballad

Focus Q's:
  • What are the elements that make up a ballad?  
  • How do these literary elements work together to create a dominant impression?  
  • How can I represent a ballad's dominant impression in a movie poster? 

DEFINITION:  A ballad is a narrative poem that uses rhyme and rhythm to improve it's appeal to the audience.  

PURPOSE:In the past ballads were used to pass on a family's oral history.  Today ballads are primarily used to entertain.  

Grade 9's have been analyzing a series of ballads.  
  1. "The Highwayman," by Alfred Noyes
  2. "Folk Bloodbath" by Josh Ritter
  3. Student selected ballad.

We have been identifying and explaining the following literary elements:
  • Plot diagram
  • Conflict
  • Theme
  • Figurative Language
  • Diction
We have been discussing how dominant impression is created:
  1.  through the interrelationship of plot, setting and character
  2. by diction, symbols and figurative language

"The Highwayman" Resources:

Students completed a viewing handout while watching this video:

Students completed a reading handout after watching this video and reading the poem:

"Folk Bloodbath" Resources:

Students have been analyzing this song with a partner and as a whole class by completing the flip book below:

Student Selected Ballads - Resources

Criteria for selecting a Ballad - Ballads MUST:
  • be appropriate for school
  • follow a plot diagram
  • have a minimum of 5 figurative devices
  • have a minimum of 5 examples of diction
Students have been completing an analysis flipbook.  See checklist:

Today we are focusing on:

What is dominant impression of my ballad?
How can I represent this dominant impression in a movie poster?

Students participated in an analysis of "Freaky Friday" to identify strategies for their own posters.  See observations below:

Students then made observations of their own from a variety of movie posters and shared out their top 2 elements of design with the class.  See our class generated list below:

To ensure we all have a strong dominant impression we have planned out our ideas by:

  •  completing a chart, 
  • sketching a thumbnail (rough visual of title, central image, tagline and background) with 
  • noted of 5 items from our class generated list of Elements of design on sketch
See this planning for "Folk Bloodbath" below:

THUMBNAIL SKETCH with 5 items from class list
Students are self-assessing their individual song analysis flip book using the following Rubric:

Individual Song Analysis Flip book DUE: Monsday, Feb 8.

Movie Poster and Self-assessment is DUE: Tuesday, Feb 16.
  • Please "turn in" these items in Google Classroom.

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