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LA 9: Short Story

The Brilliance of Short StoriesWhat are some skills good readers use to better understand texts?
I apply and explain effective procedures for identifying and comprehending words in context; adjust procedures according to the purpose for reading and the complexity of the texts 2.1.8 How can I build an understanding of texts through meaninful discussion with my peers? I discuss how interpretations of the same text might vary, according to the prior knowledge and experience of various readers 2.1.1I analyze how the choices and motives of characters portrayed in oral, print and other media texts provide insight into those of self and others 2.2.7I use own words to summarize and record information in a variety of forms; paraphrase and/or quote relevant facts and opinions; reference sources 3.3.4 What are some key characteristics of narratives? I evaluate the effectiveness of oral, print and other media texts, considering the believability of plot and setting, the credibility of characters, and …