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LA 7: Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Fiction
What are the elements of fiction?
How do I identify conflict and explain how it is developed and resolved? How are characters developed?  How can I make sound predictions in a story? What literary elements improve readers experiences?  How? How represent understanding of narratives?  What forms might these interpretations take?  I predict and discuss the consequences of events or characters’ actions, based on information in stories, poems and videos 2.2.5I identify and explain conflict, and discuss how it develops and may be resolved 2.2.8I identify the narrator’s perspective, and explain how it affects the overall meaning of a text 2.3.4I identify and explain how narrative hooks, foreshadowing, flashback, suspense and surprise endings contribute to the effectiveness of plot development 2.3.5I express interpretations of oral, print and other media texts in another form or genre 2.2.4I create a variety of oral, print and other media texts to explore ideas related to particu…