Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Zine Observations / Planning

Today grade 9's began looking at actual zines to understand what works well and what does not.

We examined the image below to identify Text, Symbols, Construction and Artist's Success.

Our observations were as follows:

The next step was to browse a collections of zines and record our observations.  Students generated a list of items they felt were successful and began to think about how they could incorporate them into their own zines.  Find these charts in Google classroom. ; )

9C Began Planning their zines today!  We talked about our ideas and generated a list of items we could use to organize the 6 pages of our zines.  See some ideas below:

9C continue to plan at home.  Collect supplies for the construction of your zine!  Fine liner and glue are a must.  Think about items you could use to generate a powerful product!

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