Thursday, 30 October 2014

Examining Highwayman Plot, Conflict, Theme

After completing a close read of "The Highwayman," by Alfred Noyes, students completed SSAS (short story analysis sheet) found in their Highwayman Activities Booklet. (Available in Google Classroom)

We also made a Flip Book for the analysis of Josh Ritter's "Folk Bloodbath".

Grade 9's recorded a plot diagram on the first page of the flip book.  See image below. (open white page)

If students were absent, here is an example of the flip book they will make:

Students will be working in class on understanding each of the elements below:
  1. Plot / Conflict / Theme
  2. Context (background)
  3. Figurative Language
  4. Diction
  5. Dominant Impression
9ACEG - SSAS due tomorrow and draw and label your plot diagram in your flip book.  : )

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