Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Grade 8: Halloween Film Comparison

Halloween Film Comparison

We discussed similarities today in pairs to help us build our presentations.  See our Criteria below:

Halloween Film Comparison Criteria      
I compare two similar short films by considering the characters, plot, conflicts and main ideas 2.2.9
  • I organize my ideas and information creatively, as well as logically, to develop a comparison between two films 3.3.1
  • I integrate appropriate visuals and text to inform and engage the audience 3.4.2
Items to include:
Please notice this in my work…
Criteria for Comparing Films:
  • Content
    • Include similarities and differences for 4 characters (traits, roles, motivations)
    • Include 2 or 3 main similarities and differences in plot (setting, atmosphere, events)
    • Include 2 or 3 main similarities and differences in conflict (problems)
    • Include 2 main similarities and differences in main ideas (subjects)
    • Use specific examples from the film to explain similarities and differences
  • Slides
    • Put explanations in the speaker notes and only main points on slides
    • Use a minimum of 9 slides (orange and green)
    • Minimum font size 18.

Criteria for Organization:
  • Creative
    • The placement of images creates balance
    • Slides may be added to accommodate more images
    • Title Slides (purple) may be decorated to grab attention and improve understanding of title.

  • Logical:
    • Plot comparisons are put in a relatively close time order they occurred in the film (beginning, middle, end)
    • Place images to help viewer understand information (Ex.  similarities: images on the outside, differences: images in the middle)

Criteria for Images:
    • Images are clear and match specific information on the slide
    • Images used are interesting; not just the first one found.

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