Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Stamp Collector

To begin our journey as young writers we will closely examine a few texts and imitate the author's style in small pieces of writing.

Students will discover what is unique to Jennifer Lanthier's writing style. First we will read to understand the story and its message. Then we will identify powerful words and sentences in the book and adopt them in a piece of our own writing.  

This student handout can be found in Google Classroom.


When identifying the central message, we need to look to the central character and think about a topic that's most important to them in the story.

BOTH characters are concerned with stories.

What does the author want us to learn about stories? (why are they important / what do they do?)

The author believes that Stories make people hopeful and connect us to each other.

Here are some observations about Lanthier's use of words:

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