Monday, 5 October 2015

Gr. 8 Self-assessing My Writing

Grade 8 Self-assessing My Writing

Today we identified how powerfully we explained our quotes.  We identified our life experience in our writing and drew symbols to represent our 5 senses.  We practiced with Mrs. Anderson's writing below, then we annotated our own writing:

Vivid description will have LOTS of sense symbols and the writing will be assessed as having EXPERT writing quality:

Students then Identified where there writing level was by.  Highlighting 3 examples of vivid and detailed life experience, recording their best on on their rubric and explaining overall the showing quality of the writing.

See image above.

We also self-assessed the conclusion of our writing by identifying how we thought the quote would influence others.  We decided if our idea about an influence was insightful, thoughtful or predictable.

See the image below:

Grade 8 Writing explaining meaning of a Quote is Due Tuesday, Oct 6.

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