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9D Lost and Found Song Analysis Project

9D - Lost and Found: Song Analysis Project
  • Students comleted a brainstorming exercise to explore the theme lost and found.  Students could write and create a list.

See Mrs. Anderson's Example Below:

Then we found songs we felt fit into the theme.  We completed a close reading activity.  Students read their songs and made interpretations to specific lines with deeper meaning.  Then they recorded their connections to these interpretations.

Our Goals:  I identify ideas that have a deeper meaning in texts and interpret them.
I compare and contrast my own life situation with themes found in a text.

See example below:

Now that we understand our songs we write a paragraph to explain the theme and our connections.  See Mrs. Anderson's example below:

Students interacted with this paragraph highlighting the 3 main criteria in their own paragraphs to make sure they are effectively explaining the theme of their songs:
  • use evidence from the song - GREEN
  • make interpretations of these lyrics - PURPLE
  • use evidence from our own lives to explain theme - PINK
Once this highlighting is done we can see what's missing and what to ADD to our writing.

After improvements, we self assessed our work with the rubric below:

Representing Theme Bumper Sticker


  • I represent the theme of my song using a different form: bumper sticker
  • I use symbolic font (size, shape, and colour) images and colour to improve the meaning and feeling of my message.
  • I use words with correct feeling to improve the tone of my bumper sticker and demand the audience's attention.
Students completed a mini lesson on symbolism.

Can you find:
  • symbolism defined
  • thoughts about font size, colour, and shape
  • thoughts about images 
  • individual interpretations of meaning
  • thoughts about how the choices in the quote improve the meaning and feeling of the quote

Then we practiced word choice
I use words with an appropriate connotation (feeling behind them)  to improve the tone of a bumper sticker and engage the audience.
This means my words should:
  • Be appropriate
  • Have a strong feeling
  • Be interesting
  • Create imagery

We attempted to transform this info into a bumper sticker slogan. See some of our thinking below:



Steps to help us through this process:
  1. Read the description then add to it.  What does it mean to you?
  2. Underline words that are appealing and have a strong feeling.
  3. Create a list of things we can compare our topic to.  
    • Love compared to…   superhero, policeman
    • Love helps us survive… compare random harsh world to a storm or an angry ocean or a complicated maze
    • Fly with love’s guidance… Love from others transforms us allowing us to soaring free through the sky
  4. Write the message as a figurative sentence.  
  5. Change words. (synonyms with a more accurate feeling)  Rearrange words.  Add punctuation.
  6. Create several versions of the same message.
  1. Some things to use:
    • Rhyme
    • Parallel structure
    • Figurative language - Simile, Metaphor, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Oxymoron
    • Slang?
See our class ideas below:

Students experimented with Google Drawing today:

We used the search tool in images to find:

  • transparent images of houses, family, wheat, waves, roads, and hearts to add meaning and feeling to our message.

We used a text box and changed font styles, colour and size to improve meaning and feeling.
We tapped the touch pad to select background colour - pink

Students participated in musical feedback today.  We examined criteria when giving feedback:

  • Round 1: Word choice

Criteria for word choice:  
    • Words grab attention
    • Message has clear meaning
    • Message has a strong overall feeling

  • Round 2: Symbolic Font, Colour and Image
Fonts: Add meaning and feeling by changing:
    • Large = important dominance strength...
    • Small = less important weakness, loneliness...

    • Rounded = friendly + feelings
    • Angular = hostile - feelings
    • Red - Love / Anger / Danger
    • Orange - happiness / sunny
    • Yellow - friendship / cowardice / polluted
    • Green - nature / money / inexperience
    • Blue - calmness / sadness
    • Purple - royalty / night / fear
    • Black - evil / fear
    • White - purity / peace

Images: Add meaning and feeling:
    • to individual words  
    • to the statement as a whole.

  • Round 3: Overall Effect

    • Symbolic items work together to reinforce an impression
    • Layout seems balanced - nothing seems out of place or crowded

Students used this specific meaningful feedback to make improvements to their first draft of their theme bumper stickers.

We self-assessed our stickers using the rubric below:

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