Thursday, 22 September 2016

Grade 8 Illustrated Quote

Illustrated Quotes

We are getting to know one another by carefully selecting quotes that show something important about who we are.

Once we have selected a quote we will be writing to show what our quotes mean to us and explain what they show about who we are.

See our guiding questions and Mrs. Anderson's quote below:

Our first step is to brainstorm what the quote means to us and show our life connections to the quote.

Here's my brainstorming of this quote:

Next we experimented with symbolism.  See the mini lesson below:

Can you find:

  • symbolism defined
  • thoughts about font size, colour, and shape
  • thoughts about images 
  • individual interpretations of meaning
  • thoughts about how the choices in the quote improve the meaning and feeling of the quote

Students made a first draft of their illustrated quote and we examined them by identifying a star and a stair for our work.  We phrased these by using what we learned about using symbolic Font, Colour and Images.

Students sorted their specific meaningful feedback using an interactive Google Drawing or Slips of paper and a target place mat.

The most specific feedback is moved to the center of the target and the least specific to the outer ring.

See image below:

We played musical feedback to improve the quality of our work.  Students self assessed their Quotation Bumper Stickers with the rubric below:

I'm really looking forward to seeing all of our hard work pay off!! : )

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