Friday, 2 September 2016

Starting our Writer's Notebooks

Writer's Notebooks

What is a writer's notebook?  Why should I start one?
  • it's a safe place to generate ideas and select a writing topic
  • it's a starting point for writing 
  • it contains lists, images, maps, quotes, poems observations about writing
  • it allows me relief from a grade
  • one out of everly four entries will be developed further and eventually published for a grade
Students began their first entry today.  See image below:

We'll share what our brainstorming means with others through pair sharing and then free writing.

Please bring a duotang to class for your writer's notebook.  

Make sure your brainstorming page has 5-7 ideas and a splash of colour. Due Wednesday September 7 for 9ACG.

Setting up our Writer's Notebook

To keep ourselves organized we put our name class and titled our Wrtiers Notebooks:

Created an index:

Recorded "Free Writing Rules":

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