Thursday, 25 September 2014

Finalizing Our Paragraphs

9E&C made improvements based on the suggestions made by their peers on the "Peer Conference Checklist".  Students self-evaluated their writing using the rubric below and handed in all of their work.  Remember to staple and turn in all items to the "IN" Bin in Mrs. Anderson's classroom.  (Planning, Conference, Revisions and improvements on the hard copy) Process counts!

9A&G identified an area of concern in their writing and finished peer conferencing in class today.

Finishing Our Powerful Symbols

9F used our previous lesson to finish our powerful symbols. 

9F - Examined how to make symbols / logos more powerful.

They worked on their representations for their quotes and discussion of Article A.  9F watched two videos to deepen their understanding of symbolism.

Symbols and Logos - students learned the difference between an acceptable / interesting / imaginative symbol

Famous Logos and Hidden meanings - students identified hidden meanings in logos= imaginative 

See the example below:

In the second block students:

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