Why Graduate?

Symbolism - a deeper understanding

All grade 9's worked on their representations for their quotes and discussion of Article A.  9G watched two videos to deepen their understanding of symbolism.

Symbols and Logos - students learned the difference between an acceptable / interesting / imaginative symbol

Famous Logos and Hidden meanings - students identified hidden meanings in logos= imaginative

9G then worked through an example to redesign their symbols from acceptable to interesting to imaginative.  All grade 9's may use this example to help them improve their own representations.

Presentations for 9E&C: Tomorrow  9A&G: Monday.

Remember to include:     

    Introduction - Article Title, Author and brief summary
        Body - Individually present your poster - state quote, explain symbol
    Conclusion - Sum up - what lasting idea will you leave the group with?

Plan:  Who will say what.  What order will group members speak?

Conry Classic Run tomorrow afternoon!  
Don't forget to return any outstanding forms tomorrow.  : )


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