Thursday, 4 September 2014

September 4, 2014

     How can we ask questions that demand a descriptive answer?

Use the words, "Explain", "and why", and "Describe".

Today students worked on rephrasing questions to get more information out of their classmate.  We are introducing our peers to the class tomorrow.

9A - Finished introductions to the class today.  No homework.

9C - Organized their interview information and will introduce their peer to the class tomorrow.

9G - Rephrased questions and had time to dig for more information about their classmate.  Time will be given to organize this information tomorrow.

9E - Watched a video of a bad interview, recorded what was the problem and what was NOT the problem in the interview.  Then they imagined they were the interviewer and created 3 questions that demanded a descriptive answer.  Tomorrow we will examine how to rephrase questions and apply this skill to their interview categories tomorrow.

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