Friday September 12

Yesterday Mrs. Anderson was absent and students worked on analyzing 2 poems.  "Yellow," by Robert Service and "Cooks Brook," by Al Pittman.

In class today students discussed the process for reading a poem and answered two questions: 
  • What is a symbol?
  • How can I identify a symbol?
We watched this short video on symbolism in film and recorded our ideas.  

Then we went back to "Yellow" and discussed the poem and the symbolism in it.

9CGA Students had a reading block this afternoon and continued to work on their Independent Book Study.  Remember its focus is to answer:
  1. How can I creatively show and share what I've learned from my reading?
  2. What can I record each time I read to help me complete my product from above?

9F Finished introducing a classmate and discussed symbolism.
9E Discussed First Turn / Last Turn Discussion Strategy - Students made a list of tips to ensure successful discussion for Monday.  Read Article A and highlight 3-5 PNI with notes in the margin for Monday.



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