Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Introducing Google Classroom

Today students began paragraph review using Google Classroom.  Documents and assignments will be shared with students periodically using this app.

Students in 9EAGC examined paragraph organization and content today.  9C&E - Plan and Rough copy of economic paragraph due tomorrow.  9A - Planning due tomorrow.  9G - "What is a good Paragraph" due tomorrow.

9F - Examined how to make symbols / logos more powerful.

They worked on their representations for their quotes and discussion of Article A.  9F watched two videos to deepen their understanding of symbolism.

Symbols and Logos - students learned the difference between an acceptable / interesting / imaginative symbol

Famous Logos and Hidden meanings - students identified hidden meanings in logos= imaginative

Together we worked through how to redesign our acceptable symbols to make them more interesting (by combining) and then attempted to include some hidden meaning.  

See the example below:

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